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Jennifer Anderson
BI 112
Case Study 1
February 11, 2011

But It’s Just Bottled Water

Part I-Moving In

1. Should Sally’s mother buy the bottled water? Why or why not?

There were many facts provided in this paper to support why people should not buy bottled water. They included arguments against the quality of bottled water, information on the harmful effects of bottled water on the environment, and the negative implications of water extraction. Sally’s mother should not buy the bottled water at the Mega-Store. She had previously insisted on buying bottled water because she believed that it was more sanitary and clean than tap water. There are many facts that oppose this argument. One such piece of information
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Some consumers feel that if the bottles of water being purchased are being recycled, then the environmental damage is greatly decreased. This is a reasonable and valid assumption, but unfortunately the statistical truth behind recycling gives way to a dimmer reality. There is an estimated 50 billion bottles of water being consumed per year worldwide, with approximately 80% of these bottles not being recycled. This amount of waste burdens our landfills tremendously. Another misconception that many people hold lies in what happens to bottles of water once they are “recycled”. People believe that once they send a plastic bottle on its way to be recycled, it will be converted into a new, usable, recyclable container. Generally speaking, this is not the case. The majority of recycled plastic gets a new life as something non-recyclable, such as plastic lumber or parking lot bumpers. This does not amount to as high a rate of waste reduction as one would hope for. A third fact environmental fact that society should be made aware of is the negative impact of plastics left in landfills. The plastic is typically incinerated in an effort to save space, and this releases toxic greenhouse gases. The plastic that ends up in landfills, which is a considerable amount if we look at how much is not recyclable and also how much is simply not recycled by consumers, usually contains chemicals, such as lead and PVC, which can leak into the soil and be released into the air.

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