Brave New World Society

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Is Huxley’s novel Brave New World, slowly becoming our reality? Are we becoming the individuals in the book, that live their lives oblivious to the fact they are brainwashed by the government? In the novel Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, our present society and their world state society share many similar habits, however it is the differences in our two societies that are more visible and clear. The three most obvious topics seen in the novel, was the similarities and differences in reproduction, drugs and family/relationships. The most evident similarities and differences in our society and the world state society was regarding reproduction. A similarity our societies both share, is the process of in vitro. However, in our society, we …show more content…

In our present society when someone has anxiety or severe depression they take drugs to escape real life. In the world state society, they take a drug called soma that makes them emotionless and act the way that they do. Bernard, a character in Huxley’s book didn't believe in soma and often would be told he “looked gum! What you need is a gramme of cubic centimeter cures ten gloomy…[days]” (Huxley 180). Unlike the world state society, our society looks and views drug users as addicts and bad people. Without relationships in the world state society they have become addicts to the use of soma because “of you have a crisis in your life, [and you need somebody] will be your flesh and blood friends who you have deep and nuanced and textured, face-to-face relationships with…” (Ted Talk-Hary). Without relationships like that people become lonely and turn to drugs. Our society views drug users as if they are the devil, when in reality we should “say to them, I love you, whatever state you’re in, and if you need me, I’ll come sit with you…” (Ted Talk-Hary). In the world state society, the character John felt alone and since there was no one there for him, he turned to drugs then eventually took his own life. In our society, this is very common but in the world state it rarely happens. This takes me to my last topic on the similarities and differences between family and …show more content…

In our society, we believe in love and marriage to a special person we feel deeply connected with. However, the people in the world state society are disgusted of the idea of married and “Lenina [a character in the novel,] was shocked that in Malpais people get married; for always [and] make a promise to live together for always. [lenina thought this] was a horrible idea” (Huxley 191). Another difference that was shown was having mothers and fathers. The director in the novel, told Bernard to “try and realize what it was like to have a viviparous mother” (Huxley 3) and often referred to words such as mother or father as “smutty” (Huxley 3) and brainwashed the people to believing it was

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