Breakpoint by Jeff Stibel: Biological Examples for Technological Advancement

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To begin things sharply, it would be appropriate to state the fact that the world is connected to a network. A network is defined as a system, or group that works together, and everyone that has lived in a city or been involved with a school project has been routed into a system of people. In a group project each person is given a task to complete that builds upon others to achieve a further goal just like the brain, with each individual neuron connected by a specific task. On a larger scale, the brain can continue on to be compared to the internet, with it being a vast connection of computers across the globe. All of these computers are uploading information, and building to the large network database.That means that society is in …show more content…

Specifically like Harvester ants, who after 5 years reach it’s breakpoint, and continues on rather efficiently because of it’s limits. Once those five years pass the ant colony is limited to 10,000 ants, with the Queen reproducing specifically just to replace the worker ants that die off after a year. Just like neurons, all of the ants in a specific colony strive for one goal. That’s what makes the brain, and ant colonies so intelligent. Each neuron only has one task, but through a vast network of neurons and ants, bigger things can be accomplished. As for the future of technology and the internet as we know it, Stibel offers innovative insight on where society is heading. With technology always improving and continuing to change, society is matching that change as well. Because of evolution and our brain taking up so much energy, our brains are shrinking. That’s where the technology will come in to rescue. With technology, our brains and bodies are doing things that otherwise impossible biologically. So where we lack in nature, technology is filling in the lines to become a more prospective future.
The key thing to take from all of this is that the internet -- like the brain, reindeer, and Harvester Ants, are massive networks striving for equilibrium and according to Jeff Stibel, efficiency will not be reached until the network is broken and salvaged. But, with implementations of new technology and

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