Breast Reconstruction Procedures For Women

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Dr. Sam Gershenbaum is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Miami with an office near the Brickell neighborhood. He performs breast reconstruction procedures for women who have had a mastectomy. With breast reconstruction surgery, Dr. G can provide women with natural-looking, shapely breasts.

Types of Breast Reconstruction Procedures Available Near Brickell

For some patients, reconstruction can begin during their mastectomy. Other patients may choose to have their breast reconstruction at some point after their mastectomy. Typically, breast reconstruction surgery involves several surgical sessions that are performed in stages.

Breast reconstruction procedures performed near Brickell usually fall into one of two …show more content…

He will make recommendations as to which type of breast reconstruction surgery will serve you best based on your body type, age, lifestyle, health and goals, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask questions during your initial consultation.

Immediate vs. Delayed Breast Reconstruction Surgery Near Brickell

You may be given the option to begin your breast reconstruction regimen during the same surgical session as your mastectomy. The benefit of immediate breast reconstruction surgery is that the breast skin is typically preserved, which usually produces nicer results. In addition, women wake up after their mastectomy with a breast mound. Although the first step of a breast reconstruction is often the most substantial, numerous steps are necessary to attain the final breast shape.

Delayed breast reconstruction begins at some point after the mastectomy. A delayed reconstruction may be a better option for some women.

A woman may choose to delay her reconstruction procedure if:

She does not want to deal with having breast reconstruction surgery while she copes with treating the breast cancer. She has other health problems and issues that need to be addressed prior to her reconstruction. For example, if she smokes, she needs to stop smoking no less than 2 months before her breast reconstruction surgery. Smoking inhibits the body’s ability to heal itself. She needs to have radiation therapy. Radiation can cause

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