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Ernest Hemingway once said, “Life isn’t hard to manage when you’ve nothing to lose” (Ernest Hemingway). Perhaps this is the reason 1920’s new woman Lady Brett Ashley was able to control her life with such ease. She had never been tied down to a man, therefore she had no real love to lose. She was free. As the novel progresses so does Brett’s outlook on love. Lady Brett Ashley is very much her own person. The character she depicts is placed in this story to strongly emphasize the hypermasculinity of women in the 1920’s. Brett was written by Hemingway as the complete opposite of Frances, married housewife, who was the ideal woman before the new era was brought upon by the 20’s.
In the beginning of the novel The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway,
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The fact that Brett is somewhat of a party girl isn’t a new concept, the idea is not something newly founded. She has many male friends whom she drinks, dances, and sometimes becomes romantic with. Jake for example loves Brett very much, but because Brett seeks physical exchanges between her and her partners she will never love Jake back. This lack of true fondness never stops her from kissing him or cuddling him the way a couple would. The character of Brett was designed solely to expand upon the idea of the 1920’s new woman. Frances is meant to be the total polar opposite of that. She is your traditional housewife type of lady. She very muchs follows traditional values of marriage. Frances is the type of lady who marries a man then has children, and while her spouse is off at work she does the cooking and the cleaning and makes supper before her husband returns home. Frances is almost the ideal housewife as we see portrayed in movies and many other books. The differences we see in the lives of Lady Brett and Frances are all aroused by their desire to stay close to tradition or to break free of them. Brett has engulfed herself into the lifestyle of the 1920’s new woman, whereas Frances has stuck by what she knows, traditional values and
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