Brief History of the Nra

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Brief History of the NRA

The National Rifle Association in its simplest form is the largest gun club in the world. The organization was founded in 1871 by former Union Army officers to encourage sport shooting in order to have a fine tuned militia in case of emergency. The Union officers believed that a well regulated militia was integral for the security of a free state. It is an organization that opposes gun control, it believes in the individual defense of the uses of firearms, and it is interested in all aspects of shooting sports.1 Today, the organization stands with approximately 3.4 million members.
Within the NRA, there are four major organs. The Institute for Legislative
Action (is the lobbying arm), the political Victory …show more content…

Eighteen states and the District of Columbia were exempt from the 5 day wait since they already had gun delaying measures in place.
These states and D.C. account for 63% of all violent crimes; including 58% of all murders.9 California which is exempt because it has a 15 day waiting period, has more murders and violent crimes than any other state. New York which is also exempt due to a licensing law has the second greatest number of murders and other violent crimes.10 Since the bill was enacted, only 22 states are subject to the 5 day wait. The Brady bill serves to be irrelevant in most violent crimes anyway. Seven out of ten violent crimes are not committed with firearms.
90% of rapes, 59% of robberies, and 76% of assaults are committed with knives, clubs, feet, or a person 's fists. According to the FBI, approximately 10,000 murders are committed each year without firearms.11

Gun Control is Not the Answer

With the evidence that has just been documented, gun control is not the answer to stopping crime, it only serves to delay one 's constitutional right to possess a handgun. The Brady Act infringes one 's right to own a firearm according to the Second Amendment of the Constitution. It says that "a well regulated militia, being

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