Brief Summary Essay's 'The Giver'

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Fairytales always end with a happily ever after. The Giver is somewhat like that with a positive ending of Jonas and Gabriel finding their way out of the community and seeing a village filled with lights and music. The book is about a young boy who receives an assignment as Receiver of the community. Being receiver of the community is thought of as an honor. Being receiver gives Jonas emotions he never thought were even real. He gets emotions like love, sadness, etc. The Giver makes a plan to help Jonas escape and help the community, Jonas displays courage, replacing negative memories with positive ones. The novel is optimistic because it shows that even Jonas, who is greatly honored, can do something against the rules even if it was to help a community he knew needed improvement. The Giver helping Jonas leave the community was something someone wouldn't have expected at first because, Jonas and The Giver talked about release of The Giver and leaving the community but after didn't want to talk about it. Which is why someone would assume it's because he would never think of doing such a thing and leaving the community behind to deal with everything. Such as all the memories from things in the past…show more content…
For example, after giving Jonas the memory of war The Giver is gentle with him and gives him memories of birthday parties and The Giver's favorite which is a memory with a family being happy and having the feeling of love. Having positive memories is an important part because it will make the receiver, Jonas, feel better from the negative memories he has received. Jonas will continue with the assignment unlike Rosemary who left because she couldn't handle it anymore. In the end having positive memories is good so that you can forget about the negative memories and continue with your journey of Receiver and being honored for your
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