Bring Him Back Dead or Alive Essay

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Gordon woke with a start. His dreams had been interrupted by violent icy sweats since the day of the Somme. Nothing , not even the cacophonous sound of dropping shells could compare to that day. He was just a boy back then. His hair was golden and swayed with the innocent breeze of the wind just like he was innocent to war and annihilation. Dazzling blue eyes shone full of naivety, the naivety of a child. But now his hair was tarnished by mud and blood; his eyes were darkened by the bloodshed of battle. Dirt splattered across his wide set nose and dark black bags hung like heavy weights around his eyes. His scintillating personality was lost to the terror of combat. At home he was considered handsome, here he was just another face. …show more content…

What would they do to him? Stab him simultaneously and leave him with five gushing holes in his body. No. What they did was worse. They kept him alive.
When he woke in a strange room with an aching head, he released that they must have knocked him unconscious and dragged him by the collars on his uniform into here. It was a dark room with only a singular light shining from the corner of the room. A sturdy man with a grey moustache charged over to Gordon and slapped him very hard across the face. Gordon bit hard on his gums to stop himself from crying out. The man started shouting in a strong German accent.
"Vat is your name?" His accent was almost incomprehensible.
"Bradley." Gordon replied.
"Tell ze truth!" The man said and slapped him again.
This time Gordon cried out and spat the blood from his mouth. For the next three days the Germans tortured him. They wanted battle plans and troop numbers. And no matter how many times he told them he was just a foot soldier. Cannon Fodder. Back at base the letter would be going home. "M.I.A, presumed dead."
Gordon marked another day with a tally across the prison cell he was kept in. He used a piece of rock that he found which he would wedge into his shoe when the Germans came knocking. One thing the Germans were proud of was honour. This was apparent as Gordon still has his uniform. His pride. Crash! The roof of his cell caved in around him and a familiar face jumped down into his cell.

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