Britain's Electoral System

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The change of electoral system of Britain from first-past-the-post to form of proportional representation caused discussions and argues in the whole country. Does new system inspirit and change course to better or lead to weak and indecisive government? Whereas first-past-the-post developed stable majorities in parliament, there are always was a lack of suffer from grave shortcomings, for example majority of population remains unrepresented in government bodies, and a party, which wins less voices in selection than their contestants, can be represented by more seats. Nation is looking forward to see the fairness and progress of parliamentary works of country, which can be motivated by advantageousness of proportional representation.…show more content…
This is why the proportional representation is more fair system than first-past-the-post. Nevertheless proportional representation has it disadvantages. First of all, there are complexity in formation of government because of multi-party coalitions includes parties with different majorities, goals and assignments. Owing to that, it is quite hard to produce common, clear and strong program. A regime, which is based on this background, differs with instability. Secondly this system brings to the situation when legation in government bodies gets political power. Also, in proportional representation, because of election process carry out with political parties, not with specific candidates, direct connection between constituents and their representatives is weak. Finally, whereas the election of this system is for political parties, delegates depend on their partial guidance. It can badly result in debates and important documents adoption. It seems clear that both first-past-the-post and proportional representation electoral systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, no doubts, despite all this disadvantages, comparing two systems gives that in multi-party conditions proportional presentation more democratic than first-past-the-post. Eventually, the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of proportional representation shows that even with this numerous defects of system, PR can inspirit government with only
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