Broken Textbook Cost

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Ethan Senack, a higher education associate at U.S. PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), wrote in his article titled, “Fixing The Broken Textbook Market: How Students Respond To High Textbook Cost And Demand Alternatives.” Whereas, he suggest that the problems associated with high pricing on textbooks, has nothing to do with the student. However, he feels that the students would be the most effective in seeking lower prices for textbooks. He gave several examples of colleges that are overcoming this barrier. One successful example he used was Maryland Open-Source Textbook (MOST). The university staff, professors and students worked together to generate ideas to reduce the cost of textbooks, using the use of open textbooks (16).

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Indeed, if I had been able to get “Justice Administration Police Courts, and Corrections Management by Peak, (8th ed.),” for $162.53; I would have avoided the unnecessary stress during readings, and during the test. As well, the exam wouldn’t have been overwhelming. Even though, I received a B in the class, it’s possible that I could have received an A. In the same way, the time spent reading incorrect chapters, could have been spent on other classes. As well, it would allowed each student the benefit of achieving their best. I am not certain how the problem occurred, but I do know, it was unnecessary. Focus is increasing regarding this issue. The idea of students saving on textbooks, is exploding. As a result, the market is changing. In light of this report, as a final recommendation, I would encourage Wake Tech to consider adopting an open-source textbook. Clearly, it would it save students on expenses, and reduce the confusion associated with outdated editions. As well, I recommend the communication between the Professor and the Department Head, be improved. These adjustments would allow each student to succeed to his or her fullest capacity. In conclusion, my recommendation would be that the latest edition, “Justice Administration Police Courts, and Corrections Management by Peak, (8th ed.)”, be

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