Brown V. Board Of Education

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Tracey Counts American Government Vidrio 5 May 2017 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court cases are cases in which their is so much controversy in the case that it needs to be handled by the Supreme Court of the United States or SCOTUS. Brown v. The Board of Education is a very intrical part of our United States history. This Supreme Court case desegregated public schools in the United States in 1954. The case involved saying no to African American children equal rights to state public schools due to the laws requiring racial segregation. Oliver Brown, an African American, had an eight year old daughter who was attending school as a fifth grader and he started noticing the lack of the Plessy v. Fergusson case how everyone is…show more content…
African American kids were being able to have access to the same books and supplies for school just like the whites have been using for years (Major). Even though the Supreme Court case desegregated schools almost 62 years later compared to other schools, those with high percentages of African Americans and Hispanics and the students were poorer offered fewer math, science, and college preparation courses at their schools (Look). The Little Rock nine in 1957 helped push harder for desegregated schools in Arkansas. The governor of Arkansas had the federal troops surround the highschool and “protect” it from black students entering the school. This did not stop the nine girls from making sure they got the same equal education as the white kids at that school. President Eisenhower heard of this and let the each girl have their own security guard to protect them in case there was violence (Camera). Once the Supreme Court decided that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional and there would be no more segregation in schools it created a lot more diversity in all of the public schools. It helped a lot of African Americans go to schools and have equal access like all the other kids. Now a total of 85% of African Americans have a high school diploma which is almost equivalent to the 89% of white who have a high school diploma. Where in 1954 only 60% of African Americans had a high school diploma. Being able to have 25% more

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