Brutus Character Analysis

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In the play, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare There are a great deal of characters that play a major part. Although there are many characters in this essay I will be talking about Brutus in particular. I will be dissecting Brutus actions throughout the play. In the end, I am going to come to the conclusion of whether Brutus is a villain or hero, and whether he is a dishonorable man, or a mistaken one. Is Brutus a villain or a hero? This will be the first of Brutus’s character analysis. Throughout the play, Brutus does lots of things to make you question whether he is the “good guy” or the “bad guy”. In my opinion, I believe Brutus is truly a villain. Through examples, I will prove that Brutus is indubitably a villain. An example of this is when Brutus made the point that if anyone were to “demand why Brutus rose against Caesar,” Then we would answer: “not loved Caesar that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more. .”, I agree that it may have been hard for someone who was so close to Caesar to harm him, but does his sense of loyalty and honorability really justify him in participating in the killing of a dear friend such as Caesar? No, I believe Brutus throws out the word “love” a lot Brutus tries to justify his love for Caesar a reason for participating in killing him. Brutus makes the conflicting point that he loved both Caesar and Rome the same. Brutus never really never goes into true depth into why he felt there was no other alternative for his

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