Buddhism : A Spiritual Journey

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Buddhism began with Siddharta Gautama in the 6th century B.C.E., he was originally Hindu but formed Buddhism when he saw the four sights of an old man, a sick man, a dead man, and an amendicant. He feels that was his sign to go for a spiritual journey. He tries Jainism and performs asceticism, extreme fasting. Gautama felt there should be something more than Jainism. After eating, he sits under the Bodhi Tree and becomes enlightened with the idea of Buddhism. The Sutra is the book of teachings for Buddhists like a bible to a Christian. He makes the four noble truths that life involves suffering, suffering is from desire, to end suffering you must end craving, and to end craving you must follow the 8-fold path. The 8-fold path is a way to void non- virtuous actions and createment, it tells you all the right things to do as a Buddhist to reach Nirvana. Từ Bi Quán Âm Đạo Tràng is the temple I visited to experience Buddhism. The name means “The spirit of Buddha is of great loving kindness and compassion, saving all people by any and all means. The great compassion of the spirit is empathetic; the spirit is ill with the illness of people, to suffer with their suffering.” Master Thích Nu Dieu Truong founded it in 1994. Aside from me, the whole temple was of Asian descent. The Buddhism religion was expressed as soon as soon as you enter the gates by 3 different Buddha statues standing under a temple. There were boys in the front of the temple who were practicing Tai chi. Tai chi…
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