Buddhism And Buddhism: Four Teachings Of Buddhism

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Buddhists believed in birth, rebirth and Karma which is the cause and effect in making an action. Every action has its effect and this actually links to the cycle of rebirth which resulted in endless suffering. Buddhists then seek a way to be free from this endless suffering which is to understand the teaching of Buddha; which consists of the three universal truths, the four noble truths, the noble Eightfold path, the triple Jewel and the five precepts which together are known as Dharma.

The three universal truths First is the Anicca. The word means everything changes. Everything in the world including the universe depends on others to exist. For example, human and animals need basic needs like water, food …show more content…

Since the Buddha had lived in a life of luxury and poverty, neither of it brings happiness to him which makes him suffer. He, therefore taught that middle way is the way to overcome between the two extremes of life. He actually spent most of his life to learning about the nature and the cause of suffering which cause The Noble eightfold path to exist.

The Noble eightfold path
Buddhist says the teaching of Buddha was described as a formula that includes physical and mental treatment to be free from suffering. This can only work if the person takes full responsibility and apply to their life by following the steps.

First is the right understanding. This principle taught to understand the three universal truth and the four noble truth as a whole which it explain things that are noble and true. When we fully understand the truth, we can see the world without delusion, hatred and greed. It is one of the factors that constitute wisdom.

Next, is the right thought. This taught about determining and resolving our suffering by paying attention our action to others. If our intentions are full with anger and greed, we are likely to cause harm to others. To avoid that kind of intention , we need to mindful before we act, speak and one of the ways is to

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