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Unit 3: Investigating Finance Control | | | By: Harmol Sehmi 11H1 | | Contents Page 1. Front Page 2. Contents page 3. Introduction 4. Business Costs 5. Carrying on Business costs 6. Carrying on Business Costs 7. Cash flow forecasts 8. Financial documents 9. Carrying on financial documents 10. Carrying on financial documents 11. Managing business finances 12. Managing business finances Introduction In this assignment I will summarise the difference between start-up and running costs, which will include a table showing these. Along with, summarising the difference between fixed and variable costs which will also including a table showing these. I will then write a…show more content…
As well as something that doesn’t change in regards to output. A car manufacturer has to pay heating bills whether it sells one car a day or a hundred. Fixed costs are also called indirect costs. Though, variable costs are called direct costs. This is because they are incurred once a business is operating. This time the amount spent directly relates to the number of products sold or the amount of

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