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Business Research Project Paper Business Research Project
Should people be allowed to download movies and music from the Internet or are they violating copyright laws? There are compelling arguments on both sides. Research shows the argument can go either way.
The research project investigated copyright infringement of downloading movies and music on the Internet. File-sharing is a fast growing industry with more new sites being added all the time. Approximately two billion songs are downloaded illegally every month. The losses sustained by the industry are great. "The industry loses more than $10 billion per year to illegal software; the Motion Picture Association of America puts piracy losses in the U.S. at more than $3 billion per …show more content…

The Internet service provider or the manufacturer of blank compact discs and burners can charge this fee through sales. By having licenses to these options, the consumer would share the costs. The United States Congress would have to approve the licenses and this would be a billing nightmare for Internet service providers. Another way "to control distribution is through technology called digital rights management, which essentially assigns usage rights and fees to everything from entertainment to e-mails to medical records. Giants like Sony (nyse: SNE - news - people ) and IBM (nyse: IBM - news - people ) are promoting DRM technology" (Sternstein, 2003).
The New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are methods used to monitor the research. Sony, Apple computers,, and IBM are promoting file sharing from the internet and by allowing the downloading of music and movies their stocks continue to rise. The equipment sales for compact disc burners and blank compact discs are rising. The Walt Disney Company, Universal Pictures, and Microsoft are experiencing losses from the file-sharing dilemma. The revenues from downloading movies as opposed to purchasing them have caused a loss in revenue for The Walt Disney Company and Universal Pictures. Microsoft is losing from software sales being lower because of the free software available on the Internet.
The lawsuits that are pending due to copyright infringement

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