Businesses Must Take A Sustainable Growth And Value Creation That Meets A Triple Bottom Line

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Businesses Must Do Better

In the coming decades, business leaders must heed a call to sustainable growth and value creation that meets a triple bottom line – good for the environment, good for people and good for business, all at the same time.

As 300 million Chinese citizens mass migrate to China’s cities in the next two decades, they will need healthy food, clean air and water; safe places to live, work and play; and sources of reliable transportation, education and healthcare. Meeting these needs will be as much a challenge they are a necessity. China’s economy must keep pace with new and rising demands being driven by urban growth, at the same time environmental concerns have never been more pressing or more relevant. Companies and …show more content…

What Dow is leading, is a reformation of business that doesn’t rely on trade-offs to support growth, but instead is built on the insight that doing good is what is going to ensure companies of the future do well; and more than that, ensure global economic sustainability. In refocusing its business strategy, Dow is opening up new markets and opportunities as it asks old questions in new ways; and as it seeks to understand how environmental and social issues contribute to long-term value. In the process, it is enabling its customers, suppliers and others to operate more sustainably, which is ultimately how the larger dial will move toward a healthier planet and society.

Dow has a unique vantage point from which to make this contribution. Material sciences is at the heart of more than 95 percent of all manufactured goods and impacts most every aspect of human progress. It is a $4 trillion global industry driving innovation in nearly every business sector, in nearly every corner of the world. This gives Dow a front-and-center position to spot opportunities for environmentally sustainable new products and technologies. Dow scientists are leading the way when it comes to inventing and manufacturing

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