Button Button Norma Lewis Essay

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Greedy Acts by Carlyn Sokol
“When you push this button two things will happen. First someone you don’t know will die, then you’ll receive $50,000.” Imagine if you were faced with this decision. To get so much money, but be killing someone while doing it. Well in the story “Button, Button” Norma Lewis is faced with this decision when a box appears at her front door with a strange button inside and a note saying that a man will come with a key. An unknown fate lay resting in your hands. Norma Lewis was not phased by this mystery and simply smiled at the strange object. There was also a film created by The Twilight Zone where a similar story was shown, although it had a considerable amount of changes, including in the characterization, the tone, and the theme.

In the story “Button, Button,” Norma Lewis, the protagonist, is faced with a life changing decision. Should she choose to kill someone she doesn’t know and receive $50,00, or to leave it …show more content…

Examples of seriousness are also shown through Norma’s character. This includes her sitting at a table all day staring at the button, and totally forgot to make dinner. “What's for dinner? I completely forgot,” She replied. Norma is haunted by the button and is tempted to push it. The button causes her sarcastic tone to somewhat fade and her to be so distracted and obsessed with the button and wanting to push it.

The changes made in the film were pretty drastic in the tone. In the text, the tone was desperate. But, in the film the tone was serious. This change was made because the director wanted the film to fit his version of how the storyline and characters are portrayed.

The theme of the text is you may not know someone as well as you think. But, the theme of film is be careful when making life changing decisions. Although the themes were different, the plots were somewhat similar. The director made this change to fit how the story in his eyes was supposed to

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