Byron High School Research Paper

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Byron High School has been a great place for me to grow and complete my high school education. With it’s wonderful staff and positive learning environment this school has helped me reach my highest potential. I believe with the education I have rechieved I will be able to reach my goal of becoming a kindergarten teacher.
I have been attending Byron since the 6th grade (2010). This school has helped me recieve good grades and be able to participate in sports. I think that the combination of hard core classes and strict sports is why Byron is such a great place to learn. This school has given me many opertuities in leadership such as becoming a captain of the Byron Dance Team. While we were a small thing we tried very hard ( Like all Byron students and sports) and were able to finish out our season with the highest placement in dance that Byron has received in the past 5 years. This school has a great sports program as well as an even better acedemic program. With
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While most kids opt to go to the college of their choice and stay there for 4 years I wanted to get my generals done at RCTC and then countinue my education at Winona State University. Not only will this save me money it will also give me the ability to get aclimated to the fast placed college life before I leave home. I have applied and been accepted to the 2+2 program at RCTC and Winona in emementary education.
My passion for elementy education started about 6 years ago when my little brother was born. I loved teaching him and helping him grow and learn. My passion was furtherd when I was able to help Mrs. Serr an kindergarten teacher at Byron Elementry School three times a week in my Child Development two class offered for Byron 9-12 graders. I think elementry education is the right place for me because it allows me to help shape young minds while being able to be fun and inovative in teaching
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