Byzantine Weapons Research Paper

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Have you ever picked out an entire outfit and then realized that you don’t have any jewelry to go with it? You went to the jewelry stores but there is nothing to be found there. Finally the idea to make your own jewelry pops in your head but unfortunately you have no idea how to do that or what you want. Maybe you want an elegant style bracelet like the Byzantines used to wear. It’s very simple to make one, all you need is a few materials and time. When making a bracelet, you need a rounded gem, pearl, or sapphire of your choice, gold wire and a knife to carve out the middle. Most of these materials come from other civilizations. For instance the gemstones come from Ceylon, Pearls come from the Persian Gulf and Sapphires come from India and Egypt. However, gold was minded within the Byzantine Empire’s border. Although the gemstones are foreign to…show more content…
You can do this with a sharp edge and a hard rock. When doing this you want to make sure that your circle is very smooth because wearing a bracelet with rough edges can hurt. You also want to be aware of this because it looks more elegant when smooth. Next you want to take the tip of the knife and carve a hole in the middle of your stone, gem or pearl. To do this you would place pressure on the knife or sharp edge and spin it in a circle to wear down the stone. The hole needs to be big enough for the gold wire to fit through. When carving out the middle, don’t worry if it is smooth or not because no one is going to see it. Once you repeat those two processes with a couple of stones, you want to place the gold wiring through the holes. To connect them you curve the ends and hook them together. Two of the intersections are going to be hooked very tight so they don’t fall apart, and the last one is going to be looser so you can un-hook it and hook it to get it on and
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