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C156 Advanced Information Management– Task 1

A2. Analysis of Technology
Two organizations migrating to a common health information system would need a system that meets current regulatory requirements, meets the needs of the combined organization and their practice environment. The implementation of a common health information system would require an interdisciplinary group of forward thinking innovators, and an interoperable electronic medical record system that includes standard nursing terminology.
The technology needed in this scenario that would make this combination successful consist of network security measures to ensure security of protected health information under the federal requirements of HIPPA
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Team member B should be an informatics nurse. Informatics nurses or specialists are qualified because they know how to communicate the needs of the clinical staff to information technology staff members. The informatics nurse is able to understand the unique needs of nurses while understanding the complicated process of IT software and hardware operations. They are also responsible for the deployment and operation of the software and hardware. The informatics nurse is the main contact for staff members who may have questions about operating the software and hardware. And they also have a working knowledge of regulatory and system requirements and needs, as well as strategic plans and budgeting.
The lab is an important part of the healthcare team providing lab values that help doctors make medical decisions on how to treat their patients. Team member C is the lab staff manager who is experienced in the work flow of the lab and processes of the lab staff. The lab staff manager role is responsible for communicating the needs of the lab staff to the project team and understands the needs of their department within the electronic medical record (EMR) system. The Lab Staff Manager will also inspire lab staff to embrace change and provide education about the EMR system to their lab staff.
The pharmacy plays a key role in patient care by
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