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It is important, because teachers have a great influence in the classroom. Learning influences values, the way we learn, and shapes our culture. In American, there is a significant number of students who have a culturally and linguistically diverse background in the school system. Because of this, all teachers should reflect on cultural and linguistic diversity and should understand students who culturally and linguistically different still learn along side of their peers from the culture that is dominant. Teachers need to obtain cultural competence and be culturally responsive and aware. Teachers who engage in this gain in depth levels of self-knowledge and are able to recognize that their personal views can have a big influence on their teaching and shape students’ concepts on themselves. Teachers who …show more content…

It refers to student’s ability to understand basic conversational English. CALP stands for Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency. It refers to a student’s ability to understand effectively and use more complex language necessary for success in their academic experience. The differences between the two are the time it takes to obtain and the difficulty difference between the two. BICS typically happens in two years. Where as CALP can take five to seven years to obtain. BICS deals with social cues, and CALP deals with a concept learned in the classroom. It is necessary for teachers to understand the distinction between these two because being unaware of the distinction can be troubling and effect the student. Teachers might make the mistake of seeing their fluent English with their peers as meaning they’re English-proficient. When in reality, some students might be struggling academically and the teacher may not see language as the reason or factor. This inaccurate misinterpretation can result in inappropriate referrals to special education, inaccurate instruction, and low expectations for that

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