CTE After Death: A Case Study

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People start to develop CTE after death. Side effects are headaches, blackout, poor balance, mental confusion, nausea or vomiting, mild depression. Concussions are one of the most severe sports injuries ever. Around 4,500 players in the NFL have had a concussion. Others may think that they are doing much better, the concussions went up 58% from 2014-2015. essay will support your thesis. The NFL needs to help prevent these horrible head injuries. They are causing many damage to the brain and your skill.

CTE can be found after death. In 2013 there was over 4,500 NFL athletes that has a had or have a concussion from hits blown to the head. 33 athletes has had CTE. These symptoms. They are making a movie called Concussion. This is a story about
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