California Maps

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V. Beginning the Unit
Introduce three maps of California and the concept of “Regions”.
• Show students three different maps of California (See Appendix 1, 2, and 3). Ask students what they see, what do the maps show and what details do they notice? Students should point out the obvious such as cities, highways, the Pacific Ocean, compass, other states surrounding California, different colors on different maps. Tell students that map number two shows the valley in the centered colored green, and the surrounding mountains are colored brown, as I tell them this I will point to the sections I am talking about. With map number three, tell students that that particular map is a map of the USA, but I am showing them so they can see where California …show more content…

Have students share with the class and have students think about the focused inquiry question. Introduce Focused inquiry question “Is life better near the coast, dessert, valley, or mountain region?” Students do not need to answer question but just bring up the question to get them engaged and thinking where would life be better depending on the region.
YouTube Video of California’s Regions and Introducing compelling question and supporting questions
• Introduce Compelling question “What are the main characteristics of the four geographical regions of California?” Introduce the question to students to get them thinking and engaged so they can pay attention when watching the video.
• Since some students might have prior knowledge in regards to the four regions while others might have no knowledge, I decided to start off my unit with a video about California Regions which is a song about the regions. After students view the video students will fill out a four square chart.
• Video: California’s Region Song-
• Introduce the focused inquiry question, “Is life better near the coast, dessert, valley, or mountain

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