Calipurnia Research Paper

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As I am reading this story, I questioned whether Calipurnia or Aunt Alexandra is a better mom. I think Calipurnia is a better mom for many different reasons. She puts more time into the kids than Aunt Alexandra, and she genuinely cares for the kids and wants to keep them safe. To start off with, Calipurnia puts a lot more time into the kids than Aunt Alexandra does. On many occasions Calipurnia has made things for Scout and Jem to eat or drink like a mother would. For example, she said, “she did give Jem a hot biscuit-and-butter which he tore in half and shared with me” (Lee 137). This shows that not only would Calipurnia make their every meal, but she would sometimes give the kids some snacks while she was cooking in the kitchen too. In addition, Scout said that, “We skulked around the kitchen until Calipurnia threw us out” (Lee 137). …show more content…

She is one of the only ones that use the kitchen, and when she is in there, she is the one in charge. Not only does Calipurnia spend a lot of time making the Finch’s food, but she also has spent a lot of her life working for the Finches. Here Calipurnia said, “I’ve spent all my days workin’ for the Finches” (Lee 166). What she meant by that is that from as long as she could remember she was working for the Finches. From all of the time that she has spent with them she has almost become a loyal member of the Finches herself. Not to mention, Atticus later said, “I couldn’t have got along with out her all these years” (Lee 182). This shows that Calipurnia has been with them for a long time, and that she has done a lot that Atticus probably have done with out her. She has almost taken over the role of Mrs. Finch with all that she does for

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