Call Of The Wild Character Analysis

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In The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Buck was a dog who served his master, Judge Miller, and protected his family. He did not have a difficult life; accompanying Judge Miller’s children or taking walks in the orchard was about as hard as it got. He referred to himself as the "king over all creeping, crawling, flying things of Judge Miller’s place, humans included” (London 2). Buck, being a St. Bernard and Scotch Shepard mix, was a big dog in general, but not as large as he should have been. Nevertheless, he went hunting and took part in outdoor activities that kept him in great shape. Little did Buck know these attributes would help him in the future, as he will unwillingly embark on a life changing journey. This physical journey takes …show more content…

Just about as quickly as he learned, Buck realized he wanted to be the leader of the dog sled team, but one thing stood in his way. This was the current leader Spitz, who was no nice dog. If some disciplining needed to be done, Spitz was not scared to go above and beyond to get the task done. Seen as a big bully to all the other dogs, Spitz was not the canine to mess around with. Both Buck and Spitz knew one of them would need to be eliminated in order for there to be a top dog. When they finally did fight, it looked like Spitz would be the victor, but due to Buck’s cunningness and trickery, Buck ended up triumphing over his rival. This also shows just how swiftly Buck can adjust to an inexperienced situation and succeed, no matter how brutal it may be, “He made himself accustom to the new environment, so he won the right of survival. At the same time, Buck ensured himself the safety with his courage and wisdom in the severe north…Buck's behaviors indicated the extremely cruel and unfair humanity in misery and the hunger. He was struggling for his life. Facing trouble, to survive is the most important thing” (Zhang, On the Influence…). Even though he won the fight, Buck was still not considered to be the new leader by the owners until he bravely faced them and challenged for the

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