Callie and Gavin: A Short Story Essay

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Worry was the word of the day for Gavin. Everything that he should have remembered, he didn’t and everything he wanted to remember was starting to fade. He stood at the entrance of the park with the torn picture of him and his mother, thumbing the torn edge to relive his growing concern. After what happened to Seny and Zaq, it seemed like his forgetfulness surged forward like a bullet train. Not being able to remember his morning schedule was the least of his problems because he now discovered that his violin playing had become atrocious. A few hours before walking to the park, he decided to pick up the instrument and hit a few sweet notes. Sweet was nothing near to what Gavin had played. Having a lack of practice was a real possibility …show more content…

She jabbed the button to release her seatbelt and threw open the door. She had no idea why she was rushing but all that was on her mind was getting to Gavin, and telling him of what she found out.
More like what you assume, you have no proof for accusing that doctor, she thought quickly and jogged around the car, reaching the flight of stairs in a matter of seconds, and taking two steps at a time. She rounded the corner and arrived at Gavin’s door. Her heart pounded away despite being use to physical exercise. She pounded away at the door and waited for a few seconds, listening for any footsteps. She pounded again and repeated the process up to three times before accepting that he wasn’t home. “Dang” she hissed. The only other place she could think to look was in the park. She turned and headed down the stairs, crossing the street before jogging through the entrance. Her expanding lungs filled with cold air, filling her chest with a free feeling that only jogging on a cold day could bring. But with a determined mind she instantly shrugged off the experience and continued to jog through the twisting path. She passed through the overhanging aspen trees and came to a wide open space where two subtle hills were on each side of her. She scanned from left to right and headed on. A bitter-sweet burn started to arise within her leg muscles.
“Gavin!?” she yelled out. Human life was void in the area which she now

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