Cambodia's Corrupt and Tragic Reign of Khmer Rouges Essays

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39 years ago, Cambodia was misfortunate with creating one the saddest tragedies of the 20th century. It started off with the fall of the Khmer Republic, when the communist Khmer Rouges took over the country that led to the slaughtering of over 2 million people. After four dark years, what’s left was a civil war torn country that was left unstable throughout the 90’s with a corrupted Prime Minister name Hun Sen. Sen, a former Khmer Rouge led Cambodia as Prime Minister; Second to the King. On July 28th, 2013, it was the day of the elections where everything was set to change. The citizens that represented Cambodia went to the polls and voted. For some people, it was their first time voting and for all, it was a vote as if their lives …show more content…

On Chapter 7 Article 91 of the Constitution, it states, “The deputies shall have the right to propose any amendments to the laws, but, the proposals shall be unacceptable if they aim at reducing public income or increasing the burden on the people.” Throughout the peaceful protests, authorities of the state of Phnom Penh clashed and burned anything that had to do with a revolution that was suddenly taking place.
Although the Paris Agreement was taken place on October 23rd, 1991, Hun Sen had broken many of the regulations regarding to what stated on the agreement. It is believed that “The Cambodian Parties hereby commit themselves to demobilize all their remaining forces before or shortly after the elections and, to the extent that full demobilization is unattainable, to respect and abide by whatever decision the newly elected government that emerges in accordance with Article 12 of this Agreement takes” meaning that the UNTAC will control and guard all the arms, ammunition and equipment of the Parties throughout the transitional period; However, Hun Sen took over the UNTAC and took out any protesting parties that had a chance to ruin his regime. Thus, it leds to another reason to why Hun Sen should be tried and convicted of the illegal acts he’d committed in Cambodia. Sometimes, a snake can be easily disguised throughout the grass laid beneath it. People forget that

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