Camp Celebrate Hope: A Brief Analysis

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I never thought that I would help children deal with the death of someone they loved until May of 2015. Hospice care of the Piedmont is a nonprofit hospice that sponsors a camp every year called Camp Celebrate Hope. Through this camp, children who have lost significant people in their lives go through a weekend of counseling and fun at Lake Greenwood in Greenwood, SC. The objective of the camp is to teach children that life moves on and that is okay to have fun. Through being a counselor at Camp Celebrate Hope, I learned that with the proper training you can do anything, you don't have to have experienced the same trials as someone else to be an influence, and sometimes the most unexpected experiences in your life will make the greatest impact.
The first thing that I learned was that with the proper training you can do anything. Before the camp director, Elizabeth Darrah, came to me and asked me to be a counselor at Camp Celebrate Hope, I had never thought that I could counsel people. Much less I didn't think that I could spend a weekend with children and help them deal with grief. But as I was going through training and started learning new things, I started gaining confidence in my quickly …show more content…

Luckily, throughout my life I have not lost a loved one that I was old enough to remember. Going into this camp I was nervous, because I did not understand what the children were going though emotionally. As I counseled the children I learned their mental processing towards their unique situations. I also learned that children need to say what they are feeling and have someone to listen. By the end of the camp many of the children thanked me for simply listening and encouraging them that life will get better. Therefore grieving children need a listener, and although I had not experienced what they were going through, I could be that

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