Can Students Have Too Much Tech By Susan Pinker Summary

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Technology has almost no impact on student's engagement if it is presented in inappropriate manner; as a result of which students are not motivated to enhance their scope of knowledge and interaction with each other. Susan Pinker in her article “Can Students Have Too Much Tech” claims that mission of providing technology to children from low income class to improve their interaction in education failed because of low quality of gadgets, lack of adult supervision and teacher training with technology; consequently, students misused the gadgets, scored less grades, and isolated from peers and family. Despite the fact that certain questions remain unanswered, the author provides not only strong and connected arguments, but also references to experts in this field to support the arguments. Susan Pinker, a developmental psychologist and columnist, posted her article “Can Students Have Too Much Tech” in “The New York Times”, an American daily online newspaper, …show more content…

Specifically, the author asserts that the mission of distributing gadgets to students from low income family with the purpose of developing their engagement failed due to low quality of technology, lack of parent supervision and teacher training. These arguments are named as logos because they are absolutely logical, so are the outcomes of the technological failure. Misuse of the gadgets, lack of interaction with friends and family members, and decline in score are indicated as the consequences of the unsuccessful project. Indeed, all above-mentioned arguments are interrelated due to which the reader clearly understands the issue. The article “ Can Students Have Too Much Tech” by Susan Pinker is informative and insightful because the arguments were consistent and believable by the help of the experts’ researches, even though the author did not considered the questions which would have possibly interested the estimated

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