Can We Colonize Space

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Stephen Hawking said in the year 2008 that there is only one way for humanity to survive the next millennium. That way, according to him, is to colonize space. It is now the time to colonize space. The world has flourished with civilization and a prosperous new world beckons at our feet. This world will be the new residence for human beings. For thirty years, the scientist, technology, engineering and math population truly believed that colonizing a new world would be possible. All that we needed was to find a world that had the necessary qualities of breathable air, similar climate to Earth and drinkable water. A planet was found with similar conditions to Earth and the means of transportation are available for the entire population. This world that was discovered is the world that everyone has been waiting for. The main problem with obtaining a viable earth like situation on this new planet is the inability of energy to be unlimited for life to be sustained. After my extensive teaching in electric energy at Colorado School of Mines I have been given the prestigious offer to collaborate with some of the best people in the field of electric engineering in order to overcome this circumstance. This planet has gone through extensive research and unlike Earth this planet does not contain the coal and oil for gasoline. Energy is the most important necessity for our daily lives is the need for electricity. Whether it is for space shuttles, cars, ovens, refrigerators or means

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