Questions On Canadian Economic Problems And Policies

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Canada Economic Problems/Policies
Answer 1)
Hydro Electric Power Generation of Ontario was established in 1906 in Ontario, Canada. It was a public owned electric utility which was established with the purpose of working with private companies already working at niagara Falls and builiding transmission lines to supply municipal utilities with electricity generated by the private companies.

Answer 2)
Canada National Railway was founded in the year 1918 by the Canadian Government. The railway company is having largest rail network and best revenue figures in Canada and is currently running from Atlantic Coast in Nova Scotia to the Pacific Coast in British Columbia.

Answer 3)
Founded in the year 1927, Liquor Control Board of …show more content…

Although, the province is involved in manyindustries like forestry, finance, tourism but it derives maximum revenue from oil fields and also the exploration of oil and natural gas resources in the state has fueled economic growth in the province.
The destiney of Alberta was changed with major oil discovery in 1947 and followed with multiple discoveries of new oil resources, a heavy share of money flowed into the local economy which was the then used to institute economic spin offs in the province.

Answer 8)
Opened in the year 1959, Saint Lawrence River is the group name of all the locks, canal and channels that allow the vessels to travel from Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes.
Answer 9)
TransCanada Pipeline is the longest pipeline in Canada and carries natural gas through Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. The pipeline was extented to Toronto on October 27, 1959.
Answer 10)
Trans Canada Highway is the federal-provinical highway system and the only highway network that travels through all the ten provinces of Canada between its Pacific Ocean in the west and Atlantic Ocean coasts in the east.
The highway though was officialy opened in 1962 but the cosntuction work was completed in 1971.
Answer 11)
Equalization Programme is the federal based programme established by Canadian Gvernment in 1957 to remove financial disparity among the provinces. Under this programme, canadian government makes

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