Canadian Technology: The Three Men Who Shaped It All Essay examples

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Robert Samuel McLaughlin gave a great deal of his time contributing to the growth of technology by founding McLaughlin Carriage Company Limited. Born in Cavan Township, Upper Canada on the sixteenth of November 1836 McLaughlin started his journey of creating his own company.18 At the prime age of forty-eight, McLaughlin built Oshawa Carriage Works.19 It was a three story brick factory which shortly became known as McLaughlin Carriage.20 The company continued to grow impressively through out years though the trade had been dyeing out through the 1890's.21 With all this growth Robert Samuel McLaughlin's business opened its first branch in Saint John, December 1896.22 Not only did McLaughlin work hard with his company McLaughling …show more content…

Known as the father of Biological engineering, John Hopps unintentionally created the first pacemaker in 1949 after being recruited by Dr. John.C .Caligram and Dr.Wilfred.G .Bigalow.32 The challenge: to keep the heart beating while in surgery.33 The bulky external mechanism worked by using vacuum tubes to generate electrical pulses into an insulated wire inserted inside of the jugular vein.34 This allowed the device to deliver shocks to the right atrium and keep the heart beating mechanically.35 The pacemaker could also change the heart rate or even restart the heart itself.36 The first test was successfully done on a dog, then some years later it was also done on a human.37 Hopps device not only saved the lives of others, but also himself.38 In 1984 John Hopps received a pacemaker which lasted him a good thirteen years.39 He the passed in 1998.40 To commemorate his death in 1999 the National Engineering Week honored the pacemaker as one of the five most significant Canadian Engineering accomplishments of the Twentieth Century.41 John Hopps invention lead to the implantable pacemaker in 1958 and the most recent ones which are about the size of a U.S.B storage device.42 Without this invention the lives of many would be lost.43
Canadians have contributed great amount to the growth of technology

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