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Cancun used to be called Ekab, which means black earth. It is one of the top most visited places because it is a semi tropical paradise. It is located on the southeastern edge of Mexico. There are so many activities for couples, families, and friends. It has fourteen miles of sandy Caribbean beaches. The second largest coral reef is located in Cancun! December- April is the best time to travel to Cancun. If you are planning to travel during spring break, make sure to plan your trip ahead of time. There are many other activities to do in Cancun besides the ones mentioned in this brochure. Chichen Itza, Xcaret, and the underwater museum are other popular tourist attractions. Are you worried about the rain? You shouldn’t! It never lasts long. …show more content…

This is a once in a lifetime experience! You and your family can be kissed by the dolphin, shake its hand, ride them, play with them, and much more! While you're at Dolphin Discovery you will learn about them. These dolphins will quickly become your friends. When you finish your experience, there is a beach right around the corner. There are waiters everywhere you look making sure you always have a drink and stay cool. On your way out check out the gift shop. They have everything from dolphin jewelry to dolphin apparel. Feeling salty? Stop at one of their showers reserved especially for their guests. Are you interested in going to Cancun? Of course you are! Visit: and for more information on the activities in this brochure. There are dozens of all inclusive resorts to choose from in Cancun. You will never run out of activities and Cancun will always leave you wanting to come back. If you are stressed out travel agents can be a helpful way to plan your trip. Can’t make up your mind about what excursions you want to do? There are travel agents on the resorts to help you plan your trip when you arrive. There is plenty sun so you will come home with a glowing tan! The beautiful, blue, and salty ocean will surround you during you extravagant

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