Candide Analysis

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In Voltaire’s Candide, there are many attacks on societal ideals involving money and religion. Throughout the book, Voltaire attacks the idea that money is the most important thing there is. He shows Cunegonde moving from place to place and man to man all so she can keep her riches. He also shows it in Candide’s character when Candide wants to leave with the gold and jewels of Eldorado. He leaves with the riches and brings them back to Europe in hopes to be the richest man in Europe. However, the attack on religion is the most prominent in the book. Voltaire depicts the religious figures as malicious and impure, with the hanging of Pangloss and an Inquisitor who has a mistress. In Eldorado, Voltaire shows how religion should be, with no preachers and no praying just showing gratitude to God. In what could be also addressed as the second garden, Voltaire shows us the wonders of Eldorado. In chapter 18 of Candide, Voltaire introduces an old man who informs Candide about Eldorado, specifically, their ideas about religion. This conversation takes place after Candide and his servant Cacambo arrive in Eldorado. Upon arrival, they were very shocked to see that they do not care about gold and jewels here. The host welcomes them to Eldorado and tells them, “I am an ignorant man and content to remain so; but we have here an old man, retired from the court, who is the most knowing person in the kingdom, and most talkative” (39). This old man that the host introduces then discusses

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