Canine Personality Assessment

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Two dogs were picked, and according to Tillberg, et al. (2007), the subject of the study must be at least seven weeks old to be in this test. The subjects of study are a female Siberian husky and a female Chihuahua. The Siberian husky is 10 months old and her name is Wendy. The Chihuahua is two and half years old and her name is Chichi. Both dogs are healthy and active. The dog belongs to close friends of mine, so the dogs are familiar with me being around. The design of the experiment was based on prior experiences with the dog such as interactions, walked the dog, and took the dogs to the park to play. The dogs were tested on a personality test on the website, Jack and Wendy Volhard (2007) created the test the Canine Personality Profile. …show more content…

The scores were based on the answer assigned to each question, and these are the points Almost always (7-10 points), sometimes (4-6 points), hardly ever (0-3 points). In each question, a score was assigned, and then after answered all the questions the final scoring of the whole profile was done by adding the scores of the questions relating to each category. Aside notes, the owners of the dogs were presented when each test was done. Test concerns about prey, pack, fight, and flight. The Siberian husky and Chihuahua are two very different dogs. After the all questions are answered to the best of the observer’s knowledge, the scores for all the questions were added, the breakdown of specific questions show where each dog strengths and weaknesses in each

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