Capitalism And Ecologism's Approach To Capitalist Development

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Capitalist development is a hierarchical system that does not permit equity to exist and promotes environmental injustice. Capitalist development is a hierarchical system based upon a small group of people benefiting from the efforts of others.The ideology of capitalist development reflects a simplistic linear model of progress and lacks a holistic approach; therefore, capitalist development fails to acknowledge the existence of important complexities of social equity and environmental sustainability. For capitalism to work, humans must seek accumulation of consumerist versions of wealth, this must be socially acceptable behavior and society must agree with this way of understanding how the world works. Ecologism considers capitalist development to promote inequity through forcing involvement in the world economy to increase their access to wealth while fostering political, military, and bureaucratic development of the nation state as a power base. The goal of ecologism is solving the problems associated with capitalist development comprised of four global interlinked crises: militarization, poverty, environmental destruction, and human repression is the focus of reorganization. Based upon communitarianism, self-reliance, social justice, and ecological balance; “endogenous development” Ecologism aims to replace competitive individualism, linear rationality, growth, efficiency, specialization, centralization, and big scale associated with post-colonial evolutionary linear
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