Capitalism And Food Essay

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Ambar Delacruz

Essay 1: Capitalism and Food.
It has been claimed in class that this treatment results from the nature of capitalism as an economic system, not merely from the doings of “bad people”. Maltreatment of workers, animals, and the environment are depicted in the film “FOOD, INC”. Capitalism also known as “The Free Enterprise System” and “The Market Economy” is a mode of production under which social classes are determined by ownership or control of the means of production. A mode of production is a system by which material production in society is organized. Under capitalism individual rights are emphasized, everything used except human labor is privately owned, and income is based on marketplace competition. In regards to food, food has …show more content…

Coli bacteria. Capitalism is largely responsible for this. Another way all of these things are affected is by the McDonaldization of society. This is the process by which the principles of fast food restaurants are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world. The main aspects of McDonaldization are efficiency, which means reaching a specific end rapidly and cheaply, calculability, which emphasizes quantity rather than quality, predictability, which refers to the attempt to structure our environment so that surprise and differentness do not encroach upon our sensibilities, and control, which is the replacement of human by nonhuman technology and people are not required to think they just follow instructions. It’s all about maximum profit with the least amount of cost and effort with no regards to people, animals, or the environment. The main interest of capitalism is maximizing profits and it lays claim to social justice, fairness, human rights, environmental concerns, or anything else not related to making a profit. This making the claim in class that this treatment results from the nature of capitalism as an economic system,

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