Caribbean Literature

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Allison Lindquist
CLP 0220
Essay 1
7 Febrbuary 2014

The Caribbean presents an unrealistic facade to outsiders; this region is the vacation hot spot with many beautiful tropical islands, perpetual sun, and clear waters – a place to rid yourself of all worries, and unwind. But there are many underlying issues in this region that most people are unaware of. In The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories, written by Stewart Brown and John Wickham, there are many depictions of the difficulties that people experience in the Caribbean. A common theme amongst many of these short stories is identity. In postcolonial societies, for example, the articulation of identity frequently becomes an upsetting process because of a historical, …show more content…

Silvera describes all the different types of people that are seen in the airport, with cultural references. In the first paragraph, Silvera talks about multiple Caribbean identities, refers to slave heritage, and describes different reasons for leaving the Caribbean. Silvera’s use of the repetition of the line “[l]eaving the Caribbean for the North Star” gives more impact on readers regarding the urgency of escape from oppression. This phrase expresses how there

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