Cars In The 1920's

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Cars are a stimulus to the American world today it's everything we breath on we depend on them so, if we don't have the cars we need then where would we be in the world? In the 1920’s it was all about auto racing. The 1920’s were the The Golden age of racing. From the 1920’s cars, the different types of automotive vehicles started getting better and faster. Each year from the 1920’s Chevy, for an example, has gotten more qualifications and upgrades to the better improved the quality of the car.
In 1994 la petite magazine had informed everyone about the first official auto race it ,then had finally spread to the united states. Before World War 1 everyone put auto racing on a pause for a while. After World War 1 racing had resumed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Racing was a renowned sporting event bringing all kinds of drivers and fans from all over the world with a crowd of 100,000 fans. Carl Fisher is known for his hobby in auto racing and being a big time entrepreneur. He once said, “I just like to see the dirt fly”(PBS).
Henry Ford had a mass-production that became standard with Ford. The “Big three” auto companies, General Motors and Chrysler, began in the 1920’s. After the automobile …show more content…

The first automobile made their impact in rural areas for using on weekends to get away or cruise around instead of taking the daily transportation to work. People that lived in rural areas didn’t like the thought of having cars going by their houses and livestock, but it made transportation easier. Even though cars made transportation easier, there wasn’t air conditioning, heat or automatic windows. These things aren’t needed to be able to get from place to place, but are some advancements that we have today. Cars that we have today have just about everything that you can think of. For example, cars today have air conditioning, heat, power steering, radio, GPS, and the list goes on and on

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