Carter Wayne Research Paper

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THREE! TWO! ONE! Lights on! Cameras, action! A calm beat to it, microphones situated beside the walls. In the scene stands a music pop star, stage name, “CW”, real name, Carter Waynes. He is thirty-one years old, short, brown eyes, committed to his work and angry but really enthusiastic at times. “CW” owns a large number of assets: clothing stores; music labels; five houses including the famous “Throwback” house. The “Throwback” house contains white walls, red silk carpet, marble floors, gold chandeliers and custom made sculptures of himself from the imitation works of Michelangelo. In front of the house parked expensive cars, an Aston Martin, Maybach, Rolls Royce, Bentley and a black Lamborghini Veneno with his own name beside the rims and

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