Case Study Assessment For Copd

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Name: K,P
Age: 78 years
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Allergies: Pork
Past and Current Medical History: AICD/pacemaker,Atrial fibrillation, Benign hypertension, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Coronary arteriosclerosis, Coronary artery bypass graft (in 2010), Diabetes mellitus, Home oxygen supply (4 liters) Transient cerebral ischemia (in 1989),Kidney stones, Partial nephrectomy.
Chief Complaint: Shortness of breath, rapid heart rate at home
History of Present Illness on Admission:
Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing
Laboratory Testing
Some of the laboratory testing used to identify COPD are arterial blood gas and increased hematocrit levels. Arterial blood gas testing will reveals hypoxemia and hypercarbia due to the retention …show more content…

Patients with COPD should consume more calories to help produce energy in order to prevent weakening of the pulmonary muscles.Watching your sodium intake can help control additional water retention which will breathing more difficult.Increasing water intake by 2-3 liters can help liquefy mucus making it easier to breath, (Stonham,2017).
Overview of Health Care Team and their role The role of the pulmonologist is to perform additional diagnostic test and prescribing the right medication that works for the patient. The role of the respiratory therapist is provide patient with nebulizer treatment and patient education such as inhaler training. The role of pulmonary rehabilitation therapists is to provide care for COPD patients to improve their symptoms, endurance and quality of life, (Lilly & Senderovich,2016).
Nurse's Role
The nurse’s primary goals were to provide continuous monitoring over patient’s weight, administer prescribed medications and provide teaching on purse lip breathing, using the incentive spirometer and living with COPD. In order

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