Case Study: Bi-Weekly ILP Review

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CM normally meets with the client every Wednesday for a face to face meeting. Client reported this week she was unable to meet for face to face because she was scheduled to work. On 3/24/2016, CM met with the client to complete Bi-Weekly ILP Review. In the meeting client was dressed with proper attire for the weather. She was cooperative and friendly in the meeting. SOCIAL SUPPORT UPDATE: Client reported during the day if she is not scheduled for work she will leave the shelter during the day to visit her sister. She continues to report she gets along well with most residents but bed no E-2 is a troublemaker and to avoid any trouble she will go visit her sister. RESOURCE UPDATE: Client report she has an active PA case. Food Stamps $182.00 …show more content…

Client mentioned she is going back to Center 37 to reapply for Linc V certificate. CM provided client with a Residency Letter and Linc application form. Client also reported she is diligently searching for low income apartment with her sister and she filled out housing application with Linden Plaza and Spring Creek Garden. REVIEW ILP AND CLIENT REIGHTS AND C LIENT CODE OF CONDUCT VIOLATION: CM reiterate the shelter rule and regulation and for the client to adhere 10pm curfew. CM also advises the client if she has any issues or concern to see administration. WORKER ASSESSMENT OF CURRENT SITUATION: client continues to show the ability to identify and complete goals in a timely fashion. She is capable of living independent or in a SRO. Plan of action: Client must adhere to the 10pm curfew and to DHS Rules and Regulation. Client must participate in all scheduled meetings. Client must attend to all on-site and off-site medical appointments and provide medical documentations. Client must adhere to the saving contract. Client must provide updated information concerning her legal issue. CM reviewed the Bi-Weekly ILP. Client agreed and signed. Next Meeting is scheduled for

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