Bullying Essay Introduction

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1.0 Introduction Bullying is defined as an aggressive behavior apply by someone on some weak people in terms of physical and mental in order to enjoy themselves. Bullying includes attacking someone physically or verbally, making threats, spreading rumors. Bullying occurs not only at school and also other public places like the park, roadside, field and more. About 21% of students ages 12-18 is being bullied, said the 2014-2015 School Crime Supplement. It obviously indicates that school is the proper place where students were the victim of bullying issues nowadays. Bully starts at school among seniors and juniors, racist people, strong and weak people till it becomes a battle and insists a bad misunderstanding. Bullying is an issue that is difficult to be eliminated in school. I disagree with this statement because we must bear in mind that when there is a will, there is a way. There are so many appropriate actions that can be executed by …show more content…

Friends are always with us in every moment we become sad, upset, boring, stressful and more. They also trigger us to do something that brings massive effect which is good or bad to us. So, if students have good friends they definitely do not involve in curse deeds like bullying. Friends are also close with them at school during participating in sports, competitions, forums, debates, talks and more. If friends are with them, they will use their time wisely participating in above things well and interested. They do not have time for the bully and other unwanted activities which is down the image of the school. Last but not least, friends also act as a medicine for all students to share their feelings, thoughts, emotions and more. If students are too stressful with the take-home tasks, assignments, and presentation, they share their problems and constraints to their friends. From this, their mind becomes peaceful and do not have thought to indulge in

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