Case Study Of CCIB LPA C. Perryman-French

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CCIB LPA C. Perryman-French received a call from Gina, her son (2 years old) attended the program from 02/01/15 until 0714/15. When Gina's son was admitted, Nova (licensee) assured her that the ratios would not be more that 1:8. Gina understands that CCL requires a 1:12, however, on several occasions in May, June and July there were more than 24 children to the two teachers. When she approached Nova, Nova stated that she counted in the ratios even though she was in the administrative office. Gina's son received a scrap from a cinder block that is used to hold up a play structure. He was in a wading pool near the block and apparenly slipped on the wet floor/ground and scratched him arm. Gina could not get a specific cause for the scratch or

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