Case Study Of TEI

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Question 1
1. The competitive strategy used by Tartan is product differentiation. Product differentiation is products that are unique, physical attribute, and extensive difference compare to the other alternatives product. From the case above, it does mention that TEI has specialized designer and an elite brand image. It means that the company is focusing on the quality of the product rather than the cost. While TEI willing to commit to a large order, the company must make an effort to yearn for successful, as it possible to make a loss for any unexpected circumstances. Therefore, TEI must innovate the product continuously and invest important resources by doing research, develop and commence new products (Differentiation Strategy 2015). This may improve company’s existing product to a more attractive products and TEI would make a profit over the years.

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Reasons for U&I Transportation to be decentralized:
• Decentralization will give a precise decision as the decision is made by the people who are totally aware how are the realistic situation are. U&I Transportation made an effort to create new control system; it shows that they are aware of the increasing of the competitors in the market.
• Decentralization accelerates the growth and diversification of U&I products and markets. The products will be treated as separate division so can have a fastest reaction time to the changing demands of its special market ().
• U&I’s management system will become more effectiveness because managers at lower positions willing to use the authority given to make changes in the work place.
• While U&I has been decentralized, administrative will given a chance to develop their talents such as board of directors as a leader set the system’s goal by developing and maintaining the networks. It means that growth of the company is based on the talent of
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