Case Study : Pain Management, Intra Operative And Post- Operative Settings

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Pain is the way the body communicates and lets us know that there is something wrong that needs attention. The brain processes that sensation into information and that leads us to take action. If it is a natural part of our beings and is necessary then why do we do all we can to suppress it? There is a fine line between pain that is needed to help with function and pain that is there that disturbs homeostasis. There is also a question of is pain real or is it all in the mind. Pain and being able to manage it, is a very big component in the perioperative setting. It is triggered differently and is unique to each person this make treating pain just as unique. This paper will discuss pain management in the pre-operative, intra-operative and post- operative settings.
Perioperative nurses play a key role in developing and following through with a plan of care that incorporates individualized pain management strategies.(Hayes & Gordon2015). Management should be started the moment a patient knows or thinks about having an operation done. There has been evidence showing that early pain management may yield to positive outcome post-operative, in the early and long term recovery stages. (Hayes&Gordon 2015).
Add vitals and history The pre-operative face is mostly about getting ready. This entails getting more information about what will happen, what is expected, what happens if there are hiccups and what happens after the operation is done. All that information may cause anxiety,

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