Case Study : San Andreas Fault

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San Andreas is a major film centred around the San Andreas fault and the possibility of a major earthquake occurring. When writing the film, they did consult the director of the Southern California Earthquake centre but from studying the main scientific features of the film it seems they might not have listened. Delivering the scientific ideas in the film are two scientific researchers; Dr Lawrence and Dr Kim who have come up with a theory of predicting earthquakes. Noticing that there have been 23 mini quakes in Nevada where there are no known fault lines the two researchers go to the hoover dam to test their theory. Dr Kim confirms their theory at the Hoover Dam of the connection of earthquakes and magnetic pulse ratings. Then a major quake occurs of a 7.1 magnitude causing all the water in the Hoover Dam to be released creating a path of destruction. This causes suspicion to arise on the San Andreas fault that leads Dr. Lawrence to discover a ‘super-fault’, he links this newly discovered fault in Nevada to the San Andreas fault line. The magnetic pulse ratings go up all along the San Andreas fault line activating the whole fault line. At Los Angeles whole buildings become destabilized and fall or collapse due to a 6.5-8.5 quake while at San Francisco an even bigger quake (9.1) is experienced due to its location closer to the fault line. After the 9.1 quake the stakes are raised higher as the San Andreas fault goes off again as a swarm event. The results of this is a 9.6
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