Case Study : The Federal Bank

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Case No:1 THE FEDERAL BANK My first case study is about The Federal Bank, India which was founded by Mr.KP Hormis, a lawyer from Kerala, a small south Indian state .The Federal Bank is now a major Indian commercial bank in the private sector with its headquarters at Aluva, Kerala. The history of Federal Bank dates back to the pre independence era of India. Initially known as The Travancore Federal Bank, which gradually moved into a fully fledged banking company. Federal Bank is now a fast growing bank in India with 1203 branches and1392 ATM 's with a customer base of 4 million across the country. ATMs, internet, Tele banking, mobile banking and other channels have broken the barriers of location and time and thus reaching customers globally. About the Entrepreneur The Travancore Federal Bank began its operation in 1931 near Thiruvalla, Kerala by a family group led by Oomen Varghese, the then Chairman. The bank functioned nearly for 10 years. But due to the sudden death of Oomen Varghese, the bank 's day-to-day operation stopped. Then Mr.KP Hormis and his some close friends bought the bank and took over the management. Mr.KP Hormis was born on 18th October 1917 at cochin, Kerala in a middle class agricultural family. He got educated as a lawyer and began his career as an advocate. Though he was a lawyer, his passion was on banking sector and soon he deviated to the commercial banking field and took up the reins
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