Case Study: US V. Katz

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1. Facts: The FBI arrested Katz after the agents overheard him making some gambling bets illegally while Katz used a public phone booth. The FBI agents placed microphones and on the tops of the public telephone booths to record his conversations, but only the end of the conversations were only recorded. 2. Procedural History: Katz objected to the evidence that was introduced at trial, which was the telephone conversations he made, but the court allowed the evidence to be introduced. The appellate court upheld the District Court’s conviction, holding that Katz’s Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches and seizures was not violated because the agents never entered the phone booth physically. The U.S. Supreme Court Reversed the lover court decision. 3. …show more content…

Issue: The issue in question is if the government violated Katz Fourth Amendment rights when the agents attached the microphone and recorded the conversation outside of the phone booth. 4.

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